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About RVL Homes

About RVL Homes

Since 2005, our team has built and sold homes in Alma Acres, Wes-Li Gardens, Spring Creek Estates and Griffin Place. Our newest development is Spring Creek Manor, where we offer 11 vacant land condos.

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Protecting Your Investment

All warranty service requests must be submitted in writing, prior to your year-end anniversary date. To ensure effective and efficient service, there are three scheduled warranty service appointments during the first year you are in your home: at the 30 Day, 6 Month and again at Year-End.Your new home has been registered under the Ontario New Home Warranty Program. Here is a summary of what is covered and for how long.

1 Year Warranty:

RVL Homes warrants, one year from the date on the Warranty Certificate, that the home is free from defects in workmanship and materials, is fit to live in and meets the Ontario Building Code. Notify RVL, in writing, of any defects before the first year is up.

2 Year Warranty:

RVL warrants that the home is fit to live in; is free of violations of the Ontario Building Code’s health and safety provisions; that it is free of defects in material or workmanship in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems; is free of defects in the exterior cladding, caulking, windows and doors; and that the home is free of water penetration.

7 Year Warranty:

TARION warrants any major structural defects for seven years from the date of possession.

Buyers are protected for seven years against major structural defects. Coverage under this provision is by RVL initially, and after the builder’s warranties expire, it becomes the responsibility of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program. Major structural defects are defined as any defect that results in failure of the load-bearing part of the home’s structure or defects in materials or workmanship that adversely affect the use of the building as a home.

Any structural claims being made after two years are submitted directly to TARION, in writing. A major structural defect is defined by TARION as any defect in materials or workmanship that results in the failure of a load-bearing part of the home structure, or any defect in materials or workmanship that significantly and adversely affects the use of the building as a home.

For all warranty coverage, please submit all your warranty service requests to your Customer Service Coordinator by mail, fax, or email:

RVL Homes

Attention: Customer Service Department
Office: 2 Main Street East, Box 429
Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4H8
Telephone: 905.309.2760
Fax: 905.309.2761
Service Email:


Any emergencies during regular business hours should be reported directly to our Customer Service or Construction Office immediately. Emergencies are defined as water penetration or loss of heat or electricity. Please contact your Customer Service Co-ordinator if you have any questions pertaining to the warranty service of your new home.

Deficiency Report

Your Service Schedule

After moving into your home, you may find items in need of repair or replacement. If the items are outstanding from your pre-delivery inspection, nothing needs to be done because this list will have been handed to the finishing supervisor. RVL will have those items completed as soon as possible.

30-day Inspection

After you have been in your home for thirty days, any new items that have appeared should be listed and submitted to our office using theDeficiency Form. You will be provided with a hard copy of this form when your new home closes. Upon receipt of the form, our office will contact you to arrange an appointment to have these items checked. We will try to clean up any deficiencies within a short time period of the receipt of the list.

11-month Inspection

Toward the end of the first year, you should follow the same procedure as for the three-month form, except the Deficiency Form must be in RVL’s possession before the end of the first year to be covered by RVL’s one-year warranty.

Inspection Checklist

Print This and Take it With YouWith all the excitement of walking through your finished home for the first time, it’s easy to forget all the things you should check. Here’s a sample checklist to take with you to your pre-closing inspection. For a complete list, visit the TARION website:

  • Flush toilets
  • Run taps and check for hot water
  • Take along something like a night-light to ensure all electrical outlets are functional
  • Take your list of colour choices and upgrades to ensure finishings match the list
  • Check walls for cracks, popped nails
  • Check basement for leaks/water
  • Check insides of cupboards
  • Walk carefully on carpeted areas to check for “creaks”

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Your new home has been inspected by our staff at every stage of construction. Further inspections have been carried out by municipal building inspectors, electrical and plumbing inspectors. Now it’s your turn to go over every aspect of your new home in detail. At some time you will, together with RVL’s representative,inspect your home. This pre-delivery inspection is mandatory. You will be contacted to set up an appointment for this inspection.

At this time you will complete a NEW HOME WARRANTY PROGRAM Certificate of Completion and Possession, which will enrol you in the New Home Warranty Program. This will be provided to you by RVL. This lists any defects discovered during the pre-delivery inspection, but your Warranty is not limited to these items. Your RVL Builder’s Warranty provides for the correction of any defects reported within one year of occupancy.

Furthermore, your New Home Warranty will protect you against major structural defects reported during the subsequent six-year period. If you miss anything during your pre-delivery inspection, items of concern can still be reported to RVL during your first year of occupancy. To help you with your pre-closing inspection, we’ve provided a usefulchecklist.

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